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TMT is specialized in the construction of tank trucks for bulk liquids transportation by road, rail and sea, in compliance with current regulations. Thanks to our wide product range, we are able to meet any transportation need.

We use the most advanced techniques, high quality components and materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

Therefore, we ensure reliability and long lasting performances, in conformity with international standards requirements. Our tanks are designed according to your needs, ready to be installed on tractor units, trailers, semi-trailers and swap bodies.

Use: Fuel – Water – Household waste – Waste Oil

Fuels: Our tanks are ideal for fuel transportation and distribution. Made of carbon steel and aluminum alloy, they are manufactured and tested in accordance with international standard requirements. They can be equipped with a side unloading system comprehensive of a flow meter, or a fuel transfer system placed either behind the cabin or on the side of the truck. The transfer system is composed of a hydraulic system to start the fuel pump, hose reel with power-take off, pump, fuel tank and control valves; self-priming positive displacement pump with suction filter and mechanical bypass; volumetric fuel flow meter enclosed in a stainless steel protective case and a stainless steel control panel.

Military and aviation fuel: Tanks designed and manufactured for aircraft and helicopters refueling, suitable to operate with temperatures ranging from -20° C to + 50° C and even extreme cold temperature up to -40° C. We provide tanks of different capacity made of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Fuel injection ECU system with a capacity ranging from 100 to 4000 l/min. Hydraulic lifting platform, suitable for any aircraft refueling. Designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with national and international regulations.

Water for civilian and military use: Tanks designed and built for hauling and distributing drinking water and industrial water treatment. Made of stainless steel or carbon steel with or without internal surface treatment. Designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with national and international standard. They can be equipped with loading and unloading pump system, hose reel, distribution bar with ball valves, front nozzles for street watering and cleaning

Waste: Tanks designed and built for liquid industrial waste and wastewater management (special waste, including hazardous and non-hazardous, in compliance with ADR agreement). Designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with national and international standard requirements. For tank loading and unloading, they can be equipped with a hydraulic drive sliding vane pump (Jurop model or similar).

Waste oil: Tanks designed and built for waste oil transportation and disposal. Our tanks are installed on unit tractors with a hydraulic drive fuel transfer system specifically designed for waste oil. Placed behind the cabin, this system comprises: gear pump (Casali or similar), outer filter and hose reel with stainless steel suction syringe. All suctioned liquid materials enter the tank from above and not from the bottom valve.