Transfrigoroute 2019

TMT Tanks & Trailers official sponsor of the annual international meeting Transfrigoroute – Naples, 26th and 27th September!

TMT never stops!

Today TMT would like to tell you a story about work and passion.In August, we have been in a Bagioni Group’s company to revamping a biogas plant bunker.First step: dismantling, base cleaning and new system preparation, adapting it to the old structure;Second step: old hydraulic unit and old floor replacement;Third step: new V-Foor installation.Last step: […]

XL Certification: You asked for it, We got it!

The EN 12642 standard establishes the main characteristics for transport units that have a structural strength designed to support the thrust of the load during transport. These transport units are characterized by a label with the “XL” code and they are accompanied by a certificate attesting compliance with the EN 12642 standard, which indicates the […]

Great collaboration between TMT International and CMC LNG tanks.

On 12.02 the small-scale LNG summit of specialized professionals in LNG was held for the second time in Milan. High-level experts took part, sharing their knowledge of the methods and approaches to ensure the effectiveness of LNG practices. It was a great opportunity, perfect for networking and the exchange of ideas, where Engineer Alfredo Spinozzi, […]