Standard Model

CONCHIGLIA model with Moving Floor: multifunctional and efficient!

Its self-supporting frame is made of high-strength Strenx 700 steel which guarantees strength and lightness.

It is a flexible vehicle suitable for general cargo transport, from packages to bulk materials with its load capacity of 92 m3 and an internal useful length of 13.400 mm.

This model can be equipped with side doors, both right and left, of 6200 mm each, interposed by a fixed central column to ensure stability.

From the side doors it will be possible to load all kinds of panels, boxes, profiles and palletized material as well as bulk material with maximum certified safety.

Use: Waste – Collection and transfer RDF – Plastic – Paper (both loose and packed) – Wet – Undifferentiated – Agricultural – Forestry – Recycling – Sawdust – Woodchips – Cereals – Big Bag – Hay – Forages – Tubers