Semitrailer with fully Leakproof Moving Floor!

A waterproof semi-trailer, Leakproof is a truly watertight product, perfectly suited for carriage of wet waste, slaughterhouse waste, batteries or sewage sludge. With our new watertight semi-trailers, you can use a moving floor system even for hauling products that must not be exposed to road surface, as required by strict anti-pollution regulations. Leakproof can hermetically seal all sewage sludge, until you are ready for unloading.

Thanks to pre-delivery testing, we make sure that 20,000 liters of water are perfectly sealed. Long lasting performances over time. Perfectly suited for transporting wet waste, slaughter waste, batteries or sludge. With the new watertight semi-trailers you will be able to take advantage of a moving floor semi-trailer also for transporting products which, according to the strict anti-pollution regulations, must not come into contact with the road surface. The LEAKPROOF version hermetically retains all the sewage that, once you arrive at your destination, you will unload with the load. The pre-delivery tests include the introduction of water into the box and the verification of the perfect seal. Result guaranteed even over time.

Use: Waste – Collection and transfer RDF – Plastic – Paper (both loose and packed) – Wet – Undifferentiated – Agricultural – Forestry – Recycling