Conchiglia Refrigerated Moving Floor semi-trailer: now everything is more FRESH!

The moving floor refrigerated semitrailer represents the realization of an absolute technological innovation. It was designed and built specifically to transport loose and / or palletized food goods with controlled temperature and not, with the use of the moving floor.

It allows to transport food from the harvest to the processing at an ideal temperature, thus keeping the product fresh.

It has a high-strength steel frame with a load-bearing structure in reinforced and welded extruded aluminum profiles. It has a slatted platform in 6082 T6 aluminum with a section and design suitable for the material to be handled.

Cover with insulated PVC sheet for fridge roll-up laterally with 5 transverse ribs, swiveling and removable. The vehicle has an internal useful height up to 2.72 meters, a useful width of 2.48 meters and a useful length of 13.6 meters.

The semitrailer can be built with or without side doors. The walls of the box have been insulated on the inside, using a high density and highly insulating foam.

Use: Fruit – Vegetables