SCRIGNO model with sliding doors .. just one word: INNOVATION!

What distinguishes SCRIGNO from other semi-trailers? High flexibility for the different return loads, reduces the rate of empty runs and increase the result.

The load compartment of our vehicles with folding walls is accessible on the longitudinal side in the same way as a curtainsider. With a side loading width w of 12,060 mm and a height of semi-continuous load from 2,540 mm, it can be accommodated without problems of great length articles. Opening individually, the folding doors allow the partial download. Even securing loads is optimized: the box body and horizontal clamp stringers comply with DIN EN 12642 (Code XL).

In this way they are covered almost all general cargo transport with maximum safety and efficiency.

Use: Waste – Collection and Transfer RDF – Plastic – Paper (both loose and packed) – Wet – Undifferentiated – Agricultural – Forestry – Recycling – Sawdust – Woodchips – Cereals – Big Bag – Hay – Fodder – Tubers – Loading and Unloading Packages – Bodies Indivisible – Pallets – Boxes – Panels – Profiles