Conchiglia E60 with right and left side doors from 6.3 + 6.3 meters .. for SUPER needs!

This model can be equipped with side doors, both right and left, with 6300 + 6300 mm each interposed by a fixed central column to ensure stability.

From these openings it will be possible to load panels, palletized material as well as bulk material with maximum certified safety.

With our horizontal loading and unloading moving floor system, you can unload bulk material without overturning. The load compartment for palletized cargo is ideal for both large-volume freight and groupage along with mixed cargo.

Transporting bulk materials in rotation with palletized cargo, groupage or mixed cargo and partial loads is one of the greatest features of our semi-trailer moving floor.

Use: Waste – Collection and transfer RDF – Plastic – Paper (both loose and packed) – Wet – Undifferentiated – Agricultural – Forestry – Recycling – Sawdust – Woodchips – Cereals – Big Bag – Hay – Fodder – Tubers – Loading and Unloading Packages – Bodies Indivisible – Pallets – Boxes – Panels – Profiles