Hupac intermodal semitrailer with moving floor .. highway – sea – railway!

Vehicle whose use is allowed for loading on rail and ship equipped with special reinforcements for lifting welded to the frame and on the bodywork, protection plates and bumpers with automatic pneumatic handling useful to facilitate the unloading of goods in particular places and to the coupling of the semitrailer to the wagon, suitable for intermodal. The TMT highway-railway intermodal moving floor semi-trailers are compatible with P400 sections and C-D-E-F-G-H-I wagons with a 98 cm support element. The “Hupac” approved version complies with UIC 596-5.

It is designed to carry any type of material.

It has an internal useful height of 2.72 meters, a useful width of 2.48 meters and a useful length of 13.60 meters, volume 92mc, 33 europallets, weight 8000kg.