TMT Tanks & Trailers

TMT Tanks & Trailers bases its production on three fundamental values: Product, People, Passion.

From this foundation comes the determination to create unrivaled products, through the search for high quality materials, high security controls, excellent and accurate workmanship to give our Customers maximum profit.

Our product lines are:

  • Moving Floor semitrailers
  • Tankers and Tanks
  • Containers Moving Floor
  • Container chassis
  • Oil measuring and pumping plants
  • Waste transfer system

Our motto? TMT .. Tanks & Trailers Creators.

We create the product the customer wants from scratch!

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Quality assurance

Quality is guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the product. A guaranteed and defended value, applying the most stringent and accurate controls to each of the phases that transform, a simple idea, into an indispensable working tool.


The components used guarantee a high level of safety and reliability of the vehicle


We work according to the parameters dictated by the quality system

Customer service

We are always available for our customers
Whastapp Number:
+39 3703774464




Produzione in Serie

Approval Certificate


White List

EN 12642-XL

Our semi-trailers are all approved

Leader of growth 2020

TMT International is ranked 4th out of 400 companies for revenue growth and 1st place as a manufacturing company

Trailer Innovation 2021

Our SCRIGNO with wide opening side doors has been nominated for the “Body” category

TMT Tanks & Trailers new Techological Innovation

TMT’s container moving floor awarded new Techological Innovation 2019

Trailer Innovation 2021: ''Smart Trailer''

Our semitrailers have been nominated for the “Smart Trailer” Category for Technological Innovation

Champion of Growth 2021

We are 6° of 400 companies with the greatest economic growth in Italy during the last three years

SMAU Innovation Awards 2020

Trailer Master Technology® awarded as innovation among technologically advanced services for the distribution of primary assets

Leader of Growth 2021

TMT International is ranked for the second consecutive time 4th out of 400 companies for revenue growth

Vincitore Categoria Body - Trailer Innovation Award 2023

Nominated Categoria Smart Trailer - Trailer Innovation Award

Nominated Categoria Environment - Trailer Innovation Award 2023