Technical support for tank trucks

  • Thanks to our highly skilled personnel, we are able to provide top-quality support services on civilian or military depot and tank trucks. Technical assistance mainly carried out on aircraft fuel tanks, tank trucks, field camp systems and depots, with the provision of the following services:
  • Supervision, regular tank testing, maintenance works, inspections and tuning
  • Sandblasting and coating
  • Technical regulations
  • Corrective works
  • Training and consulting services
  • Supply of materials, spare parts and specified equipment
  • Writing and revising tank calibration tables
  • Maintenance works for portable and stationary volumetric flow meters
  • Maintenance and repair works on refueling equipment in every Italian and foreign airport
  • Training for airport refueling staff
  • Customer support and spare parts supply
  • Complete overhaul, complete or partial recovery of airport refueling vehicles
  • Metric inspection authorized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Economic Development
  • All the required operations to ensure vehicles efficiency over time, in compliance with national and international regulations


  • Soldering irons manufactured in compliance with EN 287 and EN 9606-2 welding fabrication standards (IWI-IIS Certificate)
  • Certified welding inspector (IWI-IIS Certificate) – basic level
  • Certified welding inspector (IWI-IIS Certificate) – comprehensive level
  • Nondestructive testing inspectors level II (CIC-PND Certificate) for dye penetrant inspection